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{Alright, going.

Like if I owe, feel free to talk to Mei.

Good night ♥}

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Original art by Yana Toboso
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">3< (Claude)"


Send ” >3< ” for my muses reaction to yours kissing them in a moment of great excitement.

Everyone could do it. Mei-Rin would suspect anyone but Claude. Seeing him lean in, she wanted to ask what she could do for him, but before she was able to say a word, she felt his lips pressed against her own.

Pushing him gently away, she blushed terribly, her eyes big and round as she looked at him. “Mi- Mister Cla- Claude—” she mumbled, but she couldn’t find any other words.

Knowingly he nodded, straightening her glasses. “I understand.”

Stroking Claude’s cheek with the back of her fingers, she smiled. “I am lucky,” she sighed with something that could be called a strange kind of happiness. “You are so good to me. So handsome. Every woman could dream of such a man.”

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That one night. || Open starter (Vegas AU).


He blushed, smiling. "Seems we both have wanted each other since the beginning, just now did we see it was us…"

"It must be it," she agreed. "I wonder what would have happened if I’d met you earlier. Would we have fallen for each other as well?"

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That one night. || Open starter (Vegas AU).


"I did… I wished for the woman who would make me truly happy, now here we are….

"When I was little, I asked for a Prince Charming," she answered with a note of laughter in her tone. "And you’re much better than one."

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Leave “Red String of Fate” in my askbox


I’ll generate a number from 1-77 (YES SEVENTY SEVEN OPTIONS!) to see what is in our muse’s destinies then I’ll write some drabble based on the number generated.

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